The Do's and Don'ts

In order to have the trip of a lifetime, there are a few things you need to know.

You probably know by now that traveling without Dating Pro is like going out to eat without your wallet — you limit your experience and end up salivating over what could’ve been.

Fortunately, the app allows you to meet up with locals in your destination — and who knows? They might give you a taste of the best coffee you ever had or take you to the best silent disco in town. And wouldn’t you love to know the top pizza spot according to Ben, 24, an NYC native? And by the way, Ben comes with super cool friends and the password to the hottest speakeasy — that’s one connection you don’t want to miss.

But in order to have the trip of a lifetime with us by your side, there are a few things you need to know. Follow these tips, and don’t be surprised if you end up racking up friends in different area codes.


Update your bio

First things first: Update your bio and let everyone know you’re on the move. You can put the dates and cities you’ll be traveling to above your usual spiel. But be careful not to give too much info: Not only is personal info like an address against our Community Guidelines, it also isn’t safe. Keep specifics like your hotel location between you and people you know well.


Make connections before you go

Got a passport? Amazing, but it won’t help you here unless it’s Dating Pro-issued. If you’re a planner, it’s worth using your Dating Pro Passport to pre-check your potential matches and start arranging meet-ups. This is an excellent way to build an itinerary that includes

both new people and new experiences. To start your vetting process, consider: Can this match carry on a convo? Will they be fun and safe to hang out with? Most importantly, will they be worth your precious time in a new city? These are all questions that deserve answers… go get them.


Know the laws where you are

From spitting to smoking, you may be surprised what’s considered an offense punishable by law in different cities. Make sure you get schooled in the laws of your destination to avoid a serious situation that could ruin your trip. If you’re LGBTQ, be aware of which countries penalize homosexuality. If you travel to one of these locations, we’ll notify you when you open Dating Pro and you can choose to make your profile private during your stay.


See everyone

Expanding your preferences can bring you more connections. The change doesn’t have to be permanent, and it’s pretty easy to switch things up: Go to settings and ask Dating Pro to show you everyone so you can make as many connections as possible. Meet friends, meet friends with the potential to be something more, and most importantly, meet the locals.


Be seen

You’ve made a connection and you’re ready to meet up IRL in a new city. We are so here for it, but we have one strong request: Please always meet up in a public place, whether you’re 45 miles or 4,000 miles away. We want you to be so visible you make the Kardashians look like hermits. Meet up in places like restaurants, museums, bars, and coffee shops, and always arrange your own transportation to and from the meetup.


Share profiles

This is what we call adult shit: Put your safety first and don’t keep your connections a secret. Let any travel companions know where you’re going and with whom. If you’re on a solo trip, check in with friends from home and share the info of the person you’re meeting. Get a temperature check on what they think of them and rest assured that at least someone knows who you’re with.


Make your intentions known

Let people know how long you’ll be around, what type of connections you’re trying to make and it’ll be smooth sailing when it comes to managing expectations. Here for a good time, but not a long time? Let ’em know so you don’t break any hearts upon your travels.


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